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Boosting your social confidence

April 05,2018 1 comments

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you don’t know whether to follow your instincts or to act according to the social conventions? Imagine combing your hair in a restaurant or clipping your nails in the middle of an important meeting? Well, the thing is, you never know if you might offend someone or even sabotage your own success by acting the way you consider best. Due to the changing social conventions, you might not know what’s right and wrong. All in all, it is important to consider how other people would feel because it’s not only about your personal convenience. As we mature and grow in years and experience we should be able to meet the demanding social situations with confidence and ease. Proper etiquette does not mean you are old-fashioned. Having manners means you’re a respectful person and considerate of others. Etiquette conveys respect for other cultures, religion and even traditions. There are certain accepted social behaviours that you need to learn that can make a big difference in your social life.

Always keep time. A good percentage of us are punctually challenged. Three little words habitually accompany our entrance into a gym class, business meeting, invite dinner or a date, “sorry, I’m late”. It’s annoying to wait for someone who’s chronically late. People are late because they don’t want to be early. Moreover, even a sorry text cannot be compared to being on time.

time is money

Another important factor is to avoid conversation narcissism especially if it’s a social conversation. For most people, a discussion resembles a ball that you throw back and forth-the approach sort that keeps the exchange evenly balanced and productive. Social conversation is like a song where the rhythm is paramount and each person in the group must contribute to keeping that rhythm going One person who keeps on playing a sour note can throw the whole thing off. It’s important to keep conversations cooperative instead of competitive



Well, most people always want to avoid conflict and potentially stressful situations. It is considered rude sharing important, critical or sensitive information through text. For example as a manager, if you want to tell off your employees for their unsatisfactory work standard. Calls or face-to-face conversation would be the best way to handle such a situation. Many would prefer to put off such difficult confrontations and yes, it may alleviate the short-term anxiety. However, constantly putting off these situations often leads to feelings of frustrations, anger, reduction in self-confidence and ultimately more stress and anxiety.


Table etiquette is also vital. Always remember basic table manners and practice them. Follow the manners that apply to dining. Don’t put your elbows on the table if they’re rocking the table and maintain silence when mouthful. Nobody wants to dine with a guy snorting food through his nose. If invited for a dine out, learn how to conduct yourself. It’s always good to arrive before your scheduled reservation. When talking to someone, keep your voice low at a conversational level and be polite to those giving you services.

table manners

Lastly, learn the power of giving a handshake. What do you do when you meet a person for the first time or even the ordinary chap you know?  You only have one shot at making a good first impression. A decent handshake, especially in an official setup, will go a long way. A handshake with a smile can beat even the best forms of greetings. It creates a sense of happiness and increases the confidence level of the other party. When giving a handshake, don’t clamp down as if your life depends on it. The grip should not be a demonstration of a machismo

power of handshake

Many of us believe that the whole is too much to understand our experience and thus we break the whole into pieces and parts. There is an implicit scarcity mindset in this kind of thinking. Etiquette never gets old.

Nixon Ouko

Ignorance is no defence.Live like you'll die tommorrow but learn like you'll live forever.