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Hopelessness, the new hope.

July 27,2018 1 comments

Growing up, I was very green. I had big dreams and aspirations. Life was so simple and promising. Everything seemed possible and achievable. I, for one, wanted to be an accountant, a model, an air hostess, at the same time a journalist and even a designer. Being as multi-talented as I was, it surely was possible. Everyone had their dreams, mentors they looked up to; with our parents obviously featuring at the top of the list. I had a couple of role models whose lives I really admired and I desperately wanted to be like them. Fast forward to today, the desire has waned. I miss talking about what I had wanted to become when I grew up because obviously I am now grown and barely even have aspirations. The little that I still hold on to, seem far-fetched and extremely hard to accomplish.

I cannot figure out where the innocence, want and need to do better that most of us had has gone to. We have become comfortable in our lousy situations and no longer work as hard as we ought to. Success is no longer our number one priority. We want to have it all, but don’t have the resolution to put in the work required. We tend to take the easy and short ways out. Sadly, these shortcuts only mislead and distract us from focusing on our goals. We forget that what they offer us is always temporary. We know, but we don't care. We all wanted the perfect life, why have we let the perfectionistic drives leave us? Why are we bailing out on our most treasured desires?

Everyone is clinging on to the same lame reason that the job market is overcrowded and consequently, there are no available openings for them. Even if we were to pretend that it is true, then that should serve as a wake-up call to all of us that employment is not necessarily the solution. Maybe all we need is ourselves and our mind. We probably aren't putting our skills to good use. Perhaps we're just too dependent on what is already available. We underestimate our own abilities. We are always afraid to take a leap of faith. All we do is question ourselves constantly but are never optimistic that we can make something successful by ourselves. You will never know what you can achieve unless you try. We seek perfection but forget that failure is part of success. It makes success even sweeter. Failing is part of the process and should be taken as a motivation to work even harder, something that millennials tend to forget. Once we fail, we quit.

Everyone wants to make it in life at a young age. Funny enough, most of us are at that age yet we have nothing to our name. However, that should not be a deterrent, no! It is not supposed to be a reason to give up. On the contrary, such a case should only make you want to work smarter, come up with a pragmatic plan and work towards implementing it. Life is not supposed to end just when it should be starting. We don't lose control just when we need it the most. Maybe all you need is a little more time. It never hurts to wait a little longer, especially when you are waiting for something you really want. It is never too late. Age is just but a number so it should not matter how old you are when you achieve what you want.

Sophy Olingo

We'd never understand why we don't always get what we want, I take refuge in the only constant;words, they consume my body and soul so randomly .

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