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Lazy girls guide to fitness

November 20,2017 0 comments

To be honest, not everyone fancies going to the gym. Actually, only a very small percentage maintains going to the gym religiously. The idea of going to the gym is usually watered down by a myriad of excuses. The most common reasons ladies use to ditch the gym are: I forgot my headphones and I cannot exercise without my gym playlist. It is the weekend, weekends are meant for treating myself, not exercises. Gym membership is just too expensive and I have other things that require my financial attention. I cannot go anywhere now, not even to the moon, my favourite show is on TV. Are those dark clouds hanging in the sky? The weather is really bad today. Ooh please, what would I be doing in the gym on a Monday? I am not complaining, I am comfortable with my body the way it is. Going to the gym will not pay my bills and I honestly the gym is too crowded if you ask me. The list is endless.

At the beginning of each year, many ladies make the same old resolutions towards physical fitness. Some of them start but give up on the way, most usually even forget to start at all. Well, let me provide you with a guide to achieve all your fitness goals without setting foot in the gym.

Get to walking. Take regular brisk strolls. Hands down, this is the easiest and cheapest way to being fit and maintaining it. It helps to burn many calories. All you need is a good pair of good walking shoes. Light shoes are the best choice, you know the ones that make you feel like you are walking barefoot. For instance, take a walk to school or work rather than diving there. Better yet, enrol a walking partner. A dog will do. Walking excites your metabolism. In the long run, walking helps to reduce your weight, improves your mood and improves your mental health. It also slashes your risk of contracting chronic diseases like stroke, cancer and diabetes. A thirty-minute walk a day keeps the doctors away!

Shake what you mama gave you. Dance. Move your body, sway your body and sway it some more. Dancing is recreational and at the same time helps to burn a lot of calories. Amazingly, all you need is yourself! Dancing is convincingly an incredibly exciting way to tone your whole body. Choose the right music and tempo.  Dancing is tremendously useful in keeping you young. It is beneficial as it improves mental mastery. This is because you have to remember and coordinate all the steps and dance patterns. Not to mention, dancing has an amazing way of turning downheartedness to happiness. Invest in some dance DVDs to help you maximise during your dance workouts. So play your favourite music and dance.

Do the household chores. For the most part, household chores are dull. However, they can work wonders on your body. At the end of the day, you will have worked on your chores while at the same time given your body a great workout. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Studies show that washing dishes helps to reduce anxiety and at the same time helps to burn calories. If you can combine that with mopping, ironing, shopping, decluttering the kitchen, washing, cooking and dusting, you will be amazed at how much your weight will be in check. Soon you will be wondering why ladies even bother with a gym membership. To make it more fun, make a track list to play while you are working. Sing along, wholeheartedly.

Skip a rope. There is no better way to reconnect with your inner child. Maybe all you remember about rope skipping is the fact that you fell a lot during the PE lessons around a bunch of laughing ten-year-olds. We all went through the ordeal. The questions you need to ask yourself are: what fitness equipment costs less than five hundred shillings, tonnes down muscles while at the same time improves cardiovascular fitness, can be used by the whole family and fits in your purse? Jumping a rope is considered a great calorie burner. It also improves your hand-eye coordination. Just make sure you master the basics, then, later on, you can challenge yourself to better routines.

Go out and play with the children. Playfully burn the calories.  It goes without saying that you will be in for a great workout once you show interest to play with a child or children. The best workouts are the ones that involve outdoor activities. Such can include: hide and seek, football, hopscotch, jump a rope, tag and the list goes on. As the games give you a great workout, it also helps you to connect with the children in the process.

Before I forget, where are the TV lovers? Dear lazy bones, you can still exercise while watching episodes of “Simply Maria” or “Estela Carrillo.” I know you are mesmerised, but let me tell you how simple it is. Invest in a fitness ball. Instead of sitting on the couch sit on the fitness ball. You will be amazed at how many muscles you need to not fall off. It will help to improve your balance while strengthening your core muscles. For better results, try some crunches and also jumping up and down.

Drink water and maintain a healthy diet. Most people forget that the main pillars of fitness are a healthy diet. They work together for better results. You could have been working out for a long time now but you see no change in your body. But, do you check what you eat? Eat small, regular and balanced meals that will enable you to meet your nutritional and energy requirements. A healthy balanced diet will help you to maintain a healthy weight. A diet rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy help to maintain blood pressure and the cholesterol level. Eating a healthy diet, together with exercise, can help you to lose weight.

Who said that to be fit, you need dumbbells, kettlebells, treadmills and a bunch of complicated gym equipment? However, you need is to adopt new habits and get rid of the previous lazy bone behaviours. Be consistent and persistent in your pursuit of fitness, do not give up after the first two days. Incorporate exercise into your daily routine and get fit. Be fit and live longer.

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