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Life's Analogies

March 12,2018 0 comments

The environment exists that we may learn from it. We might be born with some inbuilt instincts in us, but most of them we learn from our environment. The great renaissance thinkers like Da Vinci, for example, totally relied on his environment as his masterful teacher. It might have primitive forms of life, but if studied, you will have an intellectual mind.

The duality principle

For every life’s creation, a creature or a state there exists its absolute opposite. If unknown, it spells half-emptiness of that quest. For every yin, there is yang for its pair.

duality principle

Good go with evil, wisdom with foolishness, poor (in material or spirit) with rich, matter with antimatter, male with female, material with immaterial, the universe with its parallel, rational with irrational, done with undone… Limited to your imagination, the duality principle is the code of creation, save for what I understand not. Professing on one side while forgetting the other is genius liberated halfway. But what is that if not pure genius, an evince of running from contamination. Good means potent for bad and bad means potent for betokening good, factors of growth being the only exigencies. One good invention without a scholarship of its ugly side is an equal of Rhapsody, with the inventor likened to a scoundrel. But digging deeper, the two opposites coexist intimately but one is always inimical to the other. Wilding power of one over the other is what mastery is. But each duo proves to be an institution, hence limiting mastery.

The swinging pendulum

swinging pendulum

Is it that we swing, back and forth, from a duo of circumstances, one and its opposite? Man finds it austere to stay on one side. But for every swing we beat the path clear, leaving landmarks as below. The infant is first born into an existing environment (an enclosure for all life supporting factors immaterial ones inclusive). If the environment can sustain life, then it’s prudent to allocate time for the infant’s stay there. That they may learn of their roots; as a lizard without the knowledge of its tail’s situation clause is in danger of a pounce from an unfed cat. The infant soon graduates into accepting the environment. Soon enough, one of the environment’s duos, one that is still foreign to the child, will threaten the other duos familiar to him. This is the origin of doubts; and with a continuous stay, the doubts get only stronger. The child will defect to the other side fuelled with curiosity. Some are blind enough not to see the darkness of a side and may stay there forever; others may soon equate their moves to a mistake, hence will swing back. Others know not where they belong, for they swing back and forth so often. These may end up staying in the middle of all this. You got to identify when the momentum of the swing is close to an end that you may be left on the right side. Wisdom is attached to those eyes with the ability to identify the breaking points or the interfaces of these transversals, that he may avoid them, for the wise makes his stand.

The four magnetic quadrants

Is life itself likened to a magnet? Social, it is. Political, economic, and religious occupy the other quadrants. But life is one, yet it has four quadrants as its contents. In the middle of it all, stands erect, you. You are likened to a magnetic material. Magnets attract magnetic materials. They also attract other magnets using their unlike poles while repelling the same using like poles. The four quadrants being unlikely similar, they always attract each other. And so, do all of them crave for your attention at ago. Construction is needed. That you may know where to position yourself. For once a magnet attracts you, it takes an exceedingly stronger magnet to pull you out. The four quadrants being of equal power, none can pull you out once attracted by another. So, the stronger magnet is simply you, your will. The four quadrants also being part of life itself, are quite similar, hence repel each other. Once attracted by one, to your knowledge know that the distance to the others is further apart. For once a quadrant wins it aims at maintaining a distance from its competitors.

Is it Chess or Go?

chess vs go

Here it is to the fit-perfects. Your life is likened to a game of chess. You are born into a world already crafted for you. Immediately you are in; you are assigned the title of a pawn. You acknowledge the existence of an ultimate ruler over you. The battlefield is already carved for you. You know you can move here but cannot move there. Even to your buddies you simply allow them to the ranks of rooks while you stay a pawn. You are used up to the satisfaction of a few. You craft not anything. Had you wished to move here, you still know it is impossible simply because you are not allowed. You are always the first to die. But leaves no mark.

Here it is to the misfits. Your life is likened to a game of Go. You are in, and you see all as your equals. None has contents beyond yours. The battlefield exists, but you curve your strategies. The field is open for you to move wherever, even to the doors of the enemy. If you like not something, you have the power to liquify it. Open wins, as it liberates multiple thoughts. The game ends when you are old and are quite immobile. None cuts you short of life. You are crazy enough that you change the world.

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