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Getting to know someone deeply is all that entails dating. Then you make a decision. Is this the person you would like to spend the rest of your life with? I'd this the person you would want to be the father or the mother of your kids?

It is everybody's wish to marry someone who compliments your personality. Someone who completes you. Someone who values you and admires you in equal measure. Not forgetting that the person works hard. Someone who is mature and knows how to get by in life. But some habits make people be incompatible to being the marriage type.

Avoid someone with trust issues. There is no need of being with someone who does not trust you completely. It does not matter how loyal you are.  They would still end up not trusting you at all. Sooner or later, they start being very clingy and controlling. This act even prevents you from carrying out your day to day activities without in a free manner, because they end up being suspicious for no reason. You cannot go visit a friend without him thinking you are cheating on him.

Be very cautious of someone who mistreats animals. These are the type of men who lack empathy. They derive joy from other people's pain. This could be an indication of a cruel streak. Which reminds me, also avoid a man who shows the slightest inclination towards physical or emotional violence. Such may just be the type to beat up a woman silly since they cannot control their emotions. Avoid a man who hates their family. They may make you hate their family, then create a strain between you and your own family. Eventually, it will be difficult for the two of you to make a family of your own stable family and sustain it.

Avoid someone who breaks all the relationship ground rules that the two of you set. Every relationship has to have some ground rules. Like you have to keep in touch when you will be away or late to get back home. However, if he keeps breaking them then it is a sign of disrespect to you and your relationship. Breaking promises is also in the same category. If he makes promises he cannot keep even the simple once that just involve showing up to your birthday, then you have to be very cautious about him. If he consistently goes back on his word then it is high time you realized that he is not serious with you at all, especially if the excuses he gives you do not add up. What their excuses really mean is that "you do not matter at all."

One of the true principles of a relationship is to give and take. So if you're the only one that is giving, then there is sure turmoil ahead. At the end of the day, you will not even get a single appreciation for your love and you will feel used and unwanted.

Avoid someone who tells lies. These are the type that will leave you wounded. This list also includes the ones that conceal information from you in the name of protecting you. They can tell you things but end up hiding the small and most important details if them all. Let us not forget the men who are always right. There is nothing you can tell them that will always be correct. They only approve their approach of things. They are the type that can never ever compromise and will never listen to your point of view.

Sooner or later, they will be compelling you to do things their way. They will dictate how you dress, what you eat, and the people you interact with and even what you need to do with your hard earned money. Even in ordinary conversations, they will constantly interrupt with their opinions. What that really means is that "My word is final. I do not care about your feelings, opinions or what you say."

On the other hand, there are habits that are considered positive. For example, he is willing to take time and talk about your relationship and how best the two of you can keep the fire burning. He is also willing to discuss his life's goals with you and tell you what he has planned for the future, and his plans include you in them.

A man who is not judgmental and accepts you for who you are. His family truly loves him and adores him. In case he needs support, he comes to you rather than going out and getting drunk. He also does not keep secrets from you. When it comes to decision making he values your opinion and always comes to you to talk through issues before he makes a major decision. He genuinely tries to find a solution whenever there is a problem between you. He does not try to prove that he was eight or just argue with you for the sake of it. Instead, he just wants you two to be good with each other.

He likes hanging out with married friends. Many guys do not hang out with married friends because they are not ready themselves. So if a man is still in touch with his married chums, then chances are that he is thinking about joining the institution of marriage.

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