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Power over pain

July 12,2018 0 comments

Pain is hurtful and painful. It becomes hard to explain what you feel especially when you know nobody knows how you feel. Everyone has, at some point, gone through pain during their existence. Emotional pain tends to be more severe as compared to physical pain or so I think. As a matter of fact they could both factor into each other. The cause of one’s physical pain can cause them to have emotional pain.

Pain often alters ones faith. Faith is basically having reason in the truth that you believe in no matter what people think of whatever it is. A certain experience could make one a stronger or a lesser believer, it varies.

Pain can change you in so many ways that could even sound unreal. It could either be positive or negative changes. Its only when one becomes used to the pain, numb and emotionless that they become unchangeable. It comes to a point when one would rather welcome pain and make it a friend rather than make it a stranger. When one can smile and say, “I know it shall be well in the end.” When they know better than grieve and ask questions. When all they do is keep up hope and remain optimistic all the way. The manner in which you decide to handle your pain will define what you will be as an end product.

Faith checks in right after pain creeps in. That is when you will employ your supernatural being to make thing better. For them to clear the road ahead, take control and lift the pain, not allow more pain to come your way. Someone could take pain as just a temptation, a test. Another would take the opportunity and test their creator instead. That is, if they were all knowing, powerful and capable, to do something to help the situation.


There are times you get the sense that you have come to the dead end. When you think that the scars you have acquired will neither heal nor disappear. When you think your misery will keep hostage and make a home in you like an incurable disease. When you think your tears will not stop falling and gathering at your feet to make you stumble. That’s where the thought makes us go wrong. We have got to understand that there’s a lot we’ve got to go through to get us strong. The tough times will always be there and it is when our bravery is needed the most. That is how we learn to appreciate the tough times and appreciate our inner growth. Once you have conquered and pulled yourself out then you will feel a victor and believe me nothing tastes better victory over your fears.

In the long run you realize you only need yourself and your own inner strength. Pain is just a test of existence. Can we make it through life? Are we strong enough? Pain should not be a factor that changes us. It should not force us to be something that we are not just to feel better at the moment. It should not make us seek solace in things that we do not value or those that do not earn the respect of the societal virtues we believe in. Pain should neither be the force that defines who we are nor that which defines the faith we have in the things we believe in. it should not pull nor push us away from our innermost beliefs that we find reason in. It shouldn’t create a different personality within our souls.

Sophie Claire

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