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Sponsorship-who is to blame?

October 22,2018 0 comments

Lately, the topic revolving around sponsored lifestyle and inter-generational relationships have hit the news really hard. Rampant in today's society where all generations and genders are active participants. The question that emerges is what is making people do what they do or become what they become? Perhaps sexual satisfaction. Perhaps financial security. Tones of reasons.

Campus girls have been said to be the main cast in these particular "sponsorships". This is practically receiving money from much older men in exchange for sex. Yes, young men too are also involved with older women, also for the same gains. Sure it is tempting, consider this, you are a young person surviving with the bare minimum then someone comes up to you and offers you what you need and more. You may not expect it to last but then it ends up taking longer than expected and in no time you are caught up in a relationship with someone way out of your age bracket.

Who really is to blame in this mega-crisis? Who will carry the cross and say it is they who have failed? I say the entire society has failed. These men who go out to sponsor young girls, leaving their families, wives and children only begging for their presence, isn't that adultery? These girls who give their body to men in exchange for money, isn't that prostitution? Even religion is against those!! But we live in a strayed society. Nobody cares to do what is right. The sense of responsibility is lost almost entirely.

Peer influence could also be a major factor that leads to these kinds of occurrences. You want something your friends have. There is pure greed and then there is a genuine need. What do you do when you have nothing but you can get everything with only a payable price standing in your way? The society is making it feel alright when indeed it is not. When you are sponsored they will envy your lifestyle, talk of how lucky and blessed you are without minding the source of the blessings. When things fall apart, they will judge you, condemn you and ridicule your promiscuity.

Over the past couple of years, increased intergenerational relationships have seen so many young girls dead under unexplained circumstances. Most endings are never pleasant. It always comes out to the open in the end despite the high level of secrecy and isolation such relationships are characterized with.

Most of these girls are campus students, above the legal age of course. Can we, therefore, blame poor parenting? Some don't even listen to their parents once they are of age. These very parents being blamed never know what their children do in their absence. Values are taught when one is young to help them as they enter their adulthood. Can we say that we are fast to forget or just curious and need to try new things? We forget what our parents spent so many years instilling in us. Our curiosity, therefore, ends up killing us one by one. The curiosity to indulge in nonreligious acts that only bring us shame.

Everyone has a choice to do right and wrong, I personally am grateful for that opportunity. This is a brand new society where people have lost respect even for themselves. However, in whatever people do, no one should act jury. People will engage in whatever sails their ships, let them. Every single person's deeds will catch up with them eventually, right or wrong. If you think someone is doing something wrong, how about correcting them instead of waiting for them to make a mistake then point an accusing finger, what a judgmental society we live in!


Sophy Olingo

We'd never understand why we don't always get what we want, I take refuge in the only constant;words, they consume my body and soul so randomly .

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