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The Forbidden Love

December 05,2017 0 comments

Caesar was quietly working on the flower bed on the front porch of his master’s house.  Thoughts of his mother’s words kept ringing in his mind. She had said that a relationship with the master’s daughter, Sylvia, was nothing but trouble. If their closeness would be noticed, then he would certainly be flogged to death. However, he did not care. In his heart, he believed they were in love. The only problem she had, at least according to him, was her undeniable beauty. The mere fact that he had a place in her heart made him feel flattered. For the love between a master’s daughter and a slave was unheard of. The few slaves who knew or had heard of their closeness taunted him. They laughed at him, knowing too well the predicament that was in store for him if he got caught.  They called him unprintable names. However, he did not give them much attention.

As myriads of thoughts flooded his mind, he managed to catch a glimpse of figure briskly making its way towards him. He turned around and saw Mary, who by then, was practically running towards him. Sweat dripping off her face. She was one of the few privileged slaves who had the golden opportunity to work at the master’s house. She was also a close friend of the master’s daughter: somehow, Sylvia trusted her, even with some of her darkest and deepest secrets. Judging from the manner in which Mary’s gaze was fixed on him, there was no iota of doubt in his mind that she had a message for him. She was mostly the lovebirds’ trusted channel of communication. In no time, she was already standing next to him.

“Come with me quickly, Sylvia is waiting for you,” she urged, grabbing him by the wrist and yanking him so hard to get him to move towards the back door of the main house. He had no choice but to clutch on his barely fitting clothes just to make sure they were secure. He was guided through the kitchen door and in no time they had made their way through the ground floor of the mansion to the library which was in the far end. Mary slightly opened the library’s door and motioned him to get in. He looked at Mary for a second. She had this calm look on her face, as if reassuring him that it was safe to go in. He walked in quietly, still uncertain what awaited him.

What he saw was a familiar sight. Sylvia was calmly seated on one of the chairs, reading a book. She was fond of reading. She literally spent most of her time there; going through the piles of books. She was so much engrossed in her reading that oblivious of the world around her. Her soft hand held her chin. He watched as her fingers moved from her cherry sweet lips to flip the pages of the book in front of her. He followed the movement of her slender neck to her bareback. He wanted to have his hands rest there, just to see if her skin was a smooth as it looked. His heart and eyes were clearly not prepared for what they were witnessing: as his eyes widened and his heart started passing wildly. What an enchanting beauty she was! An epitome of beauty, no woman could be compared to her. Her crescent shape inclined slightly when she noticed him staring at her. She broke into a smile, her beguiling, oyster white teeth shining brilliantly.

She stood up, straightened her shoulders, thrust out her chin and walked towards him, still wearing a smile on her face. She walked in beauty, like a night of cloudless chine and starry skies: with her arms extended ready to welcome him into her arms. For a minute they stood next to each other holding hands: with only the sound of their breath occasionally interrupting the pin-drop silence. His body seemed to get better by each passing day, she thought. Deeply tanned and beautifully sculptured like a statue despite the hard labour he and the rest of the slaves were subjected to. She could feel herself starting to shake, fearing her legs would give in and she would fall into his arms. The thought gripped her with such intensity that she let out an audible gasp.

“Miss Sylvia, can you please help me read the book we read last time? There are words I never mastered properly,” Caesar inquired. He could see her looking at him. However, it seemed as though she was looking right through him. She saw his lips moving but could not hear him; the sound of her pounding heart was in her ears. She was caught in the moment.

“What did you say?” She asked when she finally came back to reality.

“I was hoping we could read that book again,” he replied. Sylvia automatically turned around and headed to the bookshelf right behind her. She reached out and got a brown covered book, which she dusted off before heading to take a seat next to Caesar. She began reading the book word by word. Within the next hour or so, they had moved closer to each other: so much that she was in his arms. He snickered and kissed her bare shoulder blade. She was barely able to contain the excitement. She turned to look into his eyes. They had nothing but love in them.

All of a sudden, Mary busted into the room. She looked like she had just seen a ghost: worry written all over her face.

“The Master is back and he is headed this way,” she said, barely able to catch her breath.

(To be continued...)

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