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Businessperson vs entrepreneurs.

December 01,2018

“What am I? Am I an entrepreneur? Or am I a businessperson? I cannot be both, can I? There must be some difference between a businessperson and an entrepreneur. Who can really help me differe....

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Recipe to breaking your own heart

November 05,2018

One of my childhood friend’s WhatsApp status reads, "Lower your expectations." Expecting too much from others will leave us disappointed and unhappy in life. Having misplaced expectations in....

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graduates, unemployment and mitigation

October 29,2018

In a typical Kenyan family, children are told to study hard in school, get the best grades, pursue prestigious courses like law, engineering and medicine. Then, and only then are they guaranteed of....

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Why small farms fail

October 15,2018

Starting a business is a very risky venture, right? It does not really matter what sector of the business world you start your business in. If you start a salon, boutique, car wash, delivery servic....

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Sad news for side chicks

October 04,2018

In Kenya women outnumber men and it is pretty clear that men like to get laid, so the side chick phenomenon is inevitable. Men are like parking spaces, all the good ones have already been taken and....

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