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Phishing attacks part2-Web spoofing

May 06,2017

A complete phishing attack involves three roles of phishers. To begin with, as discussed in the first article, mailers send out a large number of scam emails (usually through infected computers con....

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Cloud computing part2-Inside the cloud

May 03,2017

I would begin this part two by giving you a recap of what cloud computing is. Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing....

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Phishing attacks-part 1

May 01,2017

General introduction

If you appreciate that a humble human can become a hot-blooded witch, then you know the dangers of humble appeals. Often soothing by nature simply because, most of them a....

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Kenya-the investment destination of choice

April 29,2017

‘Kenya’s central geographical position in East and Central African region is ideal for investors to use as a launch pad to penetrate the enormous market of over 650 million people of th....

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Micro-investment in Chamas

April 26,2017

As a small boy, I always looked forward to my mother's merry-go-round 'chama day'. When it was my mother's turn to host 'chama', our house would be filled with lots of food and drinks. Name it all!....

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