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Common hard disk errors and their solutions

July 06,2017

The hard disk drive is the location on our computer where the applications, files, folders and other data are permanently stored. It is used by the computer as a secondary storage place where enorm....

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Has your password been leaked?

July 03,2017

Allow me to begin with the literal definition of a password. A password is a string you use for validation in order to access a given resource (maybe a database or a physical facility). It is at th....

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Shodan- the world's scariest search engine

June 26,2017

It’s amazing what technology can do. Just a click away is the world’s largest collection of knowledge. Knowledge that, if used wisely, will make you, and that if used foolishly, will br....

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The Kenyan Tech Hubs: Nurturing ideas

May 29,2017

Kenya itself, has one of the most dynamic tech environments in Africa, as she has witnessed digital technologies spread rapidly. Digital dividends (the broader development benefits from using these....

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