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Basic Gym Etiquette

January 24,2018 0 comments

It goes without saying that people have become increasingly conscious about their health and fitness over the years. They see it as a way of investing in themselves: a better health means a better life. Therefore, gyms have received an increased number of members and guests going through their doors. It can be a veteran or a newbie walking through the door of a gym at any given time to get a taste of the iron lifestyle. Given this fact, the gym attracts people from all walks of life. A lot of questions have been raised about gym etiquette: some are outright gross, some are funny while the others just require plain common sense. If your New Year resolution is pure devotion to the gym, then you will find out that there is more than meets the eye in the gym. Well, without further ado, here are some suggestions that you may aid you to cope up with the gym community.

BE NICE TO THE WEIGHTS. Be gentle! Quite a number of gym goers are fond of dropping weights or banging them on the floor. What they do not realise is that the weights are subject to wear and tear. However much the effect of dropping and banging the weights may not be seen immediately, with time the weights will be damaged. A considerable amount of harm is also meted out to the floor. This would leave the owner with unnecessary expenses in floor repair. The banging may also end up interfering with the other members’ concentration on their workouts. Placing weights on the floor gently never hurt anyone. Makes them have a longer lifespan a keep serving your fitness needs even longer.

ALWAYS CONTROL THE WONDERING EYES. Sometimes the sight of how much other people have transformed their bodies or the intensity of their workouts can be overwhelming. Maybe the lady in tight sweatpants with an alluring well-toned body just stepped in the gym. I have to confess, it can be hard not give her the much-deserved attention. However, ogling is never a good deed. It makes the environment in the gym very uncomfortable and even worse, stressful to the person getting the attention. Do not let your eyes wander too much. Keep them in check, however much it may prove to be an uphill task at times.

ALWAYS ASK FOR ASSISTANCE WHERE AND WHEN NECESSARY. Do not be afraid to ask for assistance in case you are in doubt or totally unaware of the operation of any gym equipment. Ask for help from a qualified trainer or someone who is more experienced and knows their way around the gym. In a way, it ensures your personal safety and the safety of others as the equipment may cause bodily harm if wrongly used. Well, it also helps you avoid unnecessary embarrassments. Most of you are familiar with the funny clip of the man who had no idea how to work with a treadmill but proceeds to use it anyway. He, however, ends up falling just right about the time a couple of fine young ladies walk past him. I bet he asked for help the next time he got to the gym if he ever got back at all.

RESPECT THE OTHER USERS PRIVACY. More often than not, there are things that indicate someone needs time alone at the gym without external interference. If you see someone in the gym with headphones on, well, it is obvious that the person may not be in the mood for talking and needs his or her concentration on the workout session. Make an effort to know when to strike a conversation with someone in the gym. In case they are open to talking, keep it short. You can imagine a situation where a person is trying to push up eighty kilograms of weight on a bench press and someone keeps the said person in a conversation. I have to confess that it will be hard to concentrate on lifting. If it were me, I would end up pausing altogether. It is therefore advisable to save the chit-chat for later.

SHARE THE GYM EQUIPMENT. Avoid hogging the gym equipment. It is very improper to personalise equipment during the training sessions. If you are working multiple sets, allow others to work in during your rest periods. Basically, everyone has the same goal in the gym: better themselves. Do not let your greed and inconsideration be a hindrance to them.

CLEAN UP AFTER USE. After completing your set, rerack your weights and reset the seats back to their original positions. Ladies, take the two-kilogram dumbbell you used back to the racks, no exceptions. Leave them where you found them. Always wipe down the bench or the mat you used to get rid of the sweat you spilt on them. There is nothing more disgusting than having to use a bench or a mat with traces of sweat on it. Help reduce the spread of germs.

MINIMISE THE CRITICISM. It is very impolite to comment on someone’s workout techniques if the person in question has not asked for your opinion. Not everyone is experienced. It is advisable not to give unsolicited advice unless it is about safety. Let them learn from experience and don’t make your negative comments make them never want to step in a gym.

DRESS PROPERLY FOR THE GYM. Are you going to work out? If yes, then do not dress as if you are on your way to a fashion show. Keep your dressing simple and comfortable. Very loose clothes may end up being hazardous during the training period. Ladies have reported their hair getting stuck on the gym equipment. For those who may not know, cologne mixed with sweat equals air pollution. Minimise the use of cologne and perfumes in the gym.

Enjoy your workouts.

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